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8 Great Exercises For Abs

Ab Exercises - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

You want the ab exercises that will give you the wash board, six pack abs?  To the extent such a thing exists, here they are.  Note the qualifier.

Nothing in the world sells more exercise equipment than the promise of six pack abs. 

Truth is, the “secret” to getting six pack abs is getting your body fat down to 8%.  That means the body fat of your whole body.

But let's assume you're already on your way to getting your body fat down so those abs will show.  Here are the exercises you need.

Sit Ups - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

Sit Ups - The Original Ab Exercise

There is tons of debate out there about whether sit ups are good for your or bad for you. Sit ups are a great abdominal exercise if they are done right. They are simple, but you have to watch your technique.

Do them right, and you will feel the good strain on your ab muscles and not the bad strain on your neck and lower back. Check out these tips...


Ab Crunches - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

Ab Crunches - The Heavyweight Champ of Ab Exercises

Ab Crunches are the undisputed Go-To abdominal exercise.  You can walk into any gym at any time and see someone over on the mats doing some form of crunches.

There is a good reason for that.  Ab Crunches are excellent for building ab muscles.  BUT they are also very easy to get wrong.  Check out these few simple tips to keep in mind to get the maximum benefit out of your ab crunches.


Oblique Crunches - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

Oblique Crunches

The six pack abs are great, but you can't have them without all of the core muscles looking great together.  Have you ever seen someone with six pack abs but really flabby love handles?  Of course you haven't.

Here are the coaching tips you need to get the maximum benefit without adding unwanted back and neck strain.  Plus 4 variations of oblique crunches for you to choose from.


Reverse Crunches - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

Reverse Crunches

Sit ups, crunches, and some other common exercises tend to work the upper abs.  To work the lower abs, you will need to hit the muscles in a different way.  Reverse crunches are a great exercise for the lower abs.

As with most ab exercises, proper technique is the key to targeting the muscles and getting the results.


V-Up Exercise - Boot Camp Fitness Guide


V-Ups are an excellent ab exercise for the upper and lower abdominal muscles.  Also, few ab exercises offer the excellent stretch and contraction of the muscles that this one does.

A few things to keep in mind.  First, if you have neck or back issues, this exercise probably isn't right for you.  Second, this is an easy exercise to get wrong.  Study the technique and concentrate on doing it right.


Bicycle Exercise - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

Bicycle Exercise

The Bicycle Exercise is the BEST ab and core exercises you can do.  It works all of the abdominal muscle groups.  It works the rectis abdominis (the six pack abs region) and the interior and exterior obliques.

This exercise requires some strength and coordination to do correctly.  But don't worry.  If you're not quite at the point where you can do these right yet, there are modifiers that make the movement easier so you can work your way up.


Flutter Kicks - Boot Camp Fitness Guide

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks are a Boot Camp Fitness staple.  They are an excellent exercise that works your abs, hip flexors and leg muscles.  They're also an excellent exercise for the group to do while the instructor walks around yelling at everybody.  Simple but very effective!

Read more... 

McGill Curl Up

This is a phenomenal ab and core exercise that probably won’t see anybody doing in your gym.  It works the six pack muscles in your abs, maybe even more than traditional crunches and sit ups, while putting minimal stress on the spine.  Try this one!


There are plenty of legitimate reasons to have strong abs like back health, spine support, and good posture.  On top of that, developing the muscles throughout the abdominals and core complex give you an advantage in all kinds of athletic activities.

These are some of the foundational ab exercises that will have your abs ready to show this summer when you do finally get that body fat down below 10% (IF showing them off is your long term goal).

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