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Learn How To Tone Up the Muffin Top and Lose the Beer Gut

Great ab workouts are a key ingredient in getting the midsection you want.  To get the right shape your abdominal muscles have to be toned and tight, not flabby and loose.  The other ingredient is keeping the fat content low over your entire body.  The best ab exercises in the world will not give you six pack abs on their own. 

You can have nice, strong ab muscles and still have a layer of fat between them and the skin.  As you can imagine, that detracts from the look since nobody sees the muscles behind the fat.  The good news is, after you lose some of the fat, there those muscles are!

To make your midsection look its best you need to tone the muscles with excellent ab exercises, and you also need to know a little bit about fat loss.  You need to know, for example, that there is no chance of an abdominal muscle showing until you lower the fat content of your whole body (not just fat around the midsection or "belly fat").

When advertisers say their diet, gadget, or pill "targets belly fat", they are targeting people who are only concerned about their belly fat.  For some reason that's the only fat on their body they see or all they choose to focus on.  In reality, stored fat is stored fat no matter where it resides.  When the body needs energy from fat, it burns fat.  It doesn't check which kind or where it is coming from.

Make a plan to combine these workouts with a fair amount of cardio and a healthy diet that you can live with.  That way you lose the fat from the whole body while you tone the muscles around your midsection.  Make a plan, stick with it, keep sticking with it, quit cheating (you know who you are), and then see results.

As always at the Boot Camp Fitness Guide, these workouts are ready to go right now.  They don't require a gym or equipment and they're totally free.  All you need to do is commit a little bit of time and effort.  Which one is the best ab workout for you?  Try them all to find out.

Basics For

Beginner Ab Workout

Starting Out 

This is a basic abdominal workout to get you started.  Do this workout 2 to 3 times per week to start building strength in your abdominal muscles. 

Boot Camp
Ab Workout

Boot Camp Ab Workout

Boot Camp Ab Workout 

This is a great ab routine to include in your boot camp workout.  It's great for an individual or a group, and as always, no equipment or gym needed.

Boot Camp
Core Workout

Boot Camp Ab Workout

Boot Camp Core Workout

More pain for you and your friends!  Throw this 7 to 10 minutes of intensity into the beginning, middle, or end of any boot camp workout.

10 Minute
Ab Workout 

10 Minute Ab Routines

A 10 minute workout, focusing on your abs, done a few times a week is all you need to strengthen and tone your mid section.  And you don't need any equipment or machines.  Just 10 minutes of your time. 

20 Minute
Ab Workout

20 Minute Ab Workouts

20 Minute Ab Routines

These 20 minute workouts show you how you can put together high impact ab exercises to tone and strengthen all of the major abdominal muscle groups.  These workouts are designed to cycle from one muscle group to another. 


Ab Exercises 

You can't do a great workout for your abs without great exercises.  This page has a list of exercises that will get you going in the right direction.  You get the proper technique, coaching tips, and helpful modifiers.

Of all of the workouts here, I know one of them is The Best Ab Workout for you.  Either that or it's very close to it.  And if you disagree, hey that's great.  Let us know what your favorite is.

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