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A Real Boot Camp Diet to Fuel Your Boot Camp Workouts

Healthy Diet

Be skeptical about what you read under the label Boot Camp Diet.  There is lots of very helpful weight loss diet information available to help you lose weight quickly and safely.  In too many cases, it just seems like all people are trying to sell you is a crash diet.

They are known as Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD). Diets like that typically require the participant to consume way too few calories and are sorely lacking in nutrition.

Some want you to eat only one food, like grapefruit for example. Some require you to have only liquid at one or more meals.  And to think people actually make money selling the idea that you should only eat grapefruit?  Crazy.

Maybe the "boot camp" qualifier is meant to imply the plan is intense and temporary. And it probably could, if you really wanted to punish yourself, lead to some rapid weight loss. But in many cases that kind of diet is too dangerous to follow without medical supervision.

You can definitely feed your body and still lose fat if you are feeding the body the right things.  All it takes is some information and being aware of what you are consuming.  We will define a boot camp diet as a diet that will feed your boot camp workout program and help you reach your goals.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the crash diet is the attitude "I can eat whatever I want because I'm working out."  Don't fall into that trap.  Too many people do. 

You'll probably notice that when you are working out a lot, you're hungry a lot.  That's natural.  The body needs energy to do the work, and it needs fuel to burn for energy. 

Where a lot of people get in trouble is they respond to that hunger by eating the wrong foods.  When that happens, they set their progress back.  It doesn't seem fair, but when you compare calories consumed to calories burned, you can undo a 40 minute workout with a single donut.

You don't want to put in all that exercising effort and still stay flabby do you?

Why have 6 pack abs if they're hidden under three inches of blubber?  This guy might have the strongest abs you ever saw.  If so, that seems like a lot of wasted effort.

The key to burning fat and maintaining a healthy weight is learning and adopting healthy eating habits. 

Never forget that what you feed your body will have a huge impact on the results you will get from your boot camp workouts.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Boot Camp Diet in a nutshell: Learn what foods to eat. Make a diet plan. Stick to the plan.  Be more like her and less like him.

More than half the battle is just eating the right foods. You will be surprised how fast your body assumes a healthy size and weight when you simply stick to the right foods. Check out the Paleo Foods list to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Next, plan your meals and snacks. Without a plan, and I mean a pretty easy to follow plan with foods you like on it, it's easy to say "I don't feel like chicken again tonight. Let's get a pizza."

A lot of the battle just comes down to awareness.  Too many people are simply not aware of just how lousy their daily diet is.  They don't realize the zillions of simple carbs they consume or the mounds of sugar.  Without the right information and a plan to follow, it's too easy to eat things with a lot of calories but not much your body can use. 

Finally, stick to the plan. Use the food journal to help you stay on track.

Just remember that making a winning plan is easy when you have great resources available.  There is an outstanding resource called Health Nutrition For Wellness that has tons of great nutrition information.

  • Healing Super Foods
  • Recipes
  • Health News
  • Foods Health Benefits
  • Diet Information
  • And more...

Food Journal

The food journal is a simple but effective tool to keep you on your boot camp diet. First your write down your diet plan. They you write down everything you consume and when you consumed it. A good food journal will also have some tips and pointers to help you plan your meals and snacks.

The psychological effect of knowing you're going to record every good and bad eating decision you make is powerful.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is about eating the kinds of foods available to ancient humans. It's food you would hunt for or gather. Since they were the only foods available to the original humans, many think of them as the foods intended by nature for the health and well being of the human body.

Visit the Paleo Diet page to learn some of the benefits and to see how to incorporate paleo eating into your daily routine. Keep in mind you can make incremental changes if you want. You don't have to take on a whole new lifestyle right off the bat. Experiment with it.

Healthy Carbs

The body needs carbohydrates. Your boot camp diet needs the right carbs in the right amounts. The trouble is modern western diets contain WAY too many carbs and the wrong kinds of carbs.

Stick with complex carbs whenever possible. Complex carbs take hours to be broken down and used as energy. They last longer as an energy source and keep you feeling full longer.

Complex carbs come from most vegetables, yams, brown unprocessed rice, lentils, and beans. If you have to eat grains, eat whole grains and don't eat many of them. Check out this link for a more complete list of complex carbs.

Simple carbs are anything that has been processed, or that uses corn syrup or white sugar. That includes all soda pops, cakes, white breads, most cereals, candy, chips, etc. They are broken down and used quickly in the body. What isn't used right away is stored as fat.

Maximize the impact of your boot camp workouts with a well-planned boot camp diet. The combination of exercise and diet will give you the weight loss and fat loss results you want. You should notice improvement in your energy level and feeling of wellness too.

Give the food journal a try especially if you are just starting out. Knowing you will write down everything you eat will really help you stick to your boot camp diet plan.

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