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A Boot Camp Fitness program can revitalize your workout routine, reshape your body, and get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in, no matter what kind of shape you’re in now.

If you want to get in better shape, this website is here to help.  If you want to lose weight, trim fat, look better, and feel better you can find what you need here.  My goal is to help you be successful at those things and it doesn't have to cost you a dime.

Imagine you are standing around with 12 other intrepid souls in the parking lot of a local park Saturday morning just as the sun begins to rise.  At 7am sharp, the milling around and chatting abruptly end as the workout kicks off with 10 quick burpees.  What happens for the next 59 minutes is what this site is all about.

At the most basic level, the concept is really easy to understand.  Boot Camp Fitness describes workouts that combine cardio and strength training exercises.  By comparison, a lot of people think of a regular workout routine as strength training one day and cardio the next.  I was one of those people for a lot of years.

Here is an example of what I mean by combining cardio and strength training exercises into the same workout.  This is just one simple but effective drill, and all you need is a little space.  You can do this on any football field, soccer field, parking lot, park, yard, sidewalk, or wherever else.

  • Bear crawl forward 25 yards
  • Do 10 pushups
  • Crab walk forward 25 yards
  • Do 10 pushups
  • Bear crawl backwards 25 yards
  • Do 10 pushups
  • Crab walk backwards 25 yards
  • Do 10 pushups
  • Sprint back to the start
  • Repeat

On this site, you will get free instructions on how to do dozens of great exercises the right way, and modifiers to make them easier, harder, or to just work the muscles a little differently.  You will find dozens of boot camp workouts you can use as-is.  You'll also get ideas for countless workouts that you can put together yourself.  And to get your body looking the way you want, you'll get fat burning nutrition tips.

Pro tip: Exercise will burn fat, but don't give your diet a free pass.

Eat the right things in the right amount to lose the fat, and work out so you have a shape worth showing after the fat is gone.

The workouts can be tailored to any fitness level and any age.  There is just one simple key that makes boot camp workouts so effective.

That key is you keep moving.  A simple concept, but incredibly powerful when you put it into practice.

You spend a little bit of time warming up and then hit the boot camp exercises pretty much one after another.  And what are boot camp exercises?  Everyone loves the classics like pushups, ab crunches, burpees, and sprints.  But that just scratches the surface.  Think outside the gym.

If you only have 10 minutes and you want to get in a quick workout to burn some calories and get the heart going, you have plenty of options.  Here are over 20 10-minute workouts that are ready to go right now.  No equipment necessary.

There are plenty of 20-minute workouts too.  There are workouts that target sections of the body like legs, abs, core, upper body, etc. You'll also find cardio and fat burning workout ideas.

The individual 10 minute workouts and 20 minute workouts are great on their own if you only have a little bit of time.  They're also great for building a full 45 to 60 minute workout.  All you need is three or four "phases" of the workout that last between 10 and 20 minutes each. 

Here is one way to think about organizing a 45 minute workout.  Warm up for 5 minutes (jog, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, etc.), 10 minute drill, 20 minute drill, 10 minute drill, cool down, and you're done.

It is all scalable to any fitness level and modifiable so you always have new challenges.

Why Is Boot Camp Fitness So Effective?

Boot Camp Fitness

The effectiveness of boot camp fitness comes from the fact that you are moving and working your entire body throughout the workout. That burns fat fast!

Its effectiveness has led to huge popularity in the health and fitness world. That popularity has led to all kinds of boot camp subcategories.

There are bridal boot camps for women who want to look their best on their wedding day. There are also boxing boot camp classes, kick start yourself into shape boot camps, weight loss boot camps, obstacle race training boot camps, and almost any other boot camp class for anyone who wants to get in shape.

Regardless of the subcategory though, the principles of bootcamp workouts remain pretty consistent.  The formula generally consists of a mix of cardio and bodyweight strength exercises.

Should I Sign Up For A Boot Camp Class Or Do It On My Own?

A lot of people love the camaraderie, motivation, accountability, and challenge of boot camp classes. There are plenty of boot camp classes to choose from and we will talk about some things to look for when finding a class that's right for you.

You don't need to sign up for a class to get the benefits of a challenging boot camp workout though. Plenty of busy people get great results following a DVD at home on their own schedule.

Another great option is getting good at creating your own boot camp workouts. There are all kinds of great exercises that can be mixed and matched to create so many workouts that you’ll never be bored.  You’ll stay challenged and you will never have an excuse for missing a workout again.

Boot Camp Class

Most of the exercises you find on this site are general enough that anyone at any fitness level can adapt them to his or her own needs.  Most of the exercises don't require any equipment.

As you look through the individual exercise pages you will learn proper technique for doing the exercises right.  You will get coaching tips that will help you get the most out of the exercises and avoid injury.  You will learn modifiers that make the exercises easier or harder.

You can jump into Boot Camp Fitness at any fitness level.

Another advantage to creating your own workouts is that you can adapt them to your own environment, your own goals, and your own schedule. With a little practice, you'll be coming up with your own exercise and workout ideas to keep you moving toward your next fitness goal.

The Right Diet

Fat loss diet food

To get the most out of your boot camp workouts, you need to make sure your diet is supporting your fitness goals. Theses diet tips will help you burn fat and lose weight.

These bootcamp workouts are a great way to burn tons of calories, but guess what happens when you continue to consume more calories than you burn.  You still gain weight - or at least keep the fat around that you're trying to lose. 

The formula is still as simple as it's always been.  If you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight.  If you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. 

You can work out all you want and even get yourself pretty fit.  But not fueling your body with the right amount and the right kind of calories will lead to suboptimal results.

You don’t have to be perfect to start your boot camp fitness program. Some people you talk to or sites you read will have you believe you have to already be a pretty advanced athlete before you can try boot camp workouts.

Remember that a boot camp fitness program can be designed naturally enhance for any fitness level. Read through the pages on this site, learn some of the basics, experiment with the exercises, ask questions, and have fun with it.

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