Over 2 Dozen FREE 20 Minute Workout Routines

A 20 Minute Workout, boot camp fitness style, is a fast moving and intense workout that doesn’t require any equipment at all.  

These workouts work well on their own, or you can use any of them as part of your full-length boot camp workout.  For example if you want to plan a 45 or 60 minute workout, putting together a few of these 20 minute workouts makes it pretty easy.  A warm up and two of the workouts you'll find below gives you 45 intense minutes.

If you're planning a full-length workout and want to mix things up even more, take a look at some of the 10 minute workouts.  It's never a bad thing to have a little more in the plan than you think you'll need. 

If you travel a lot, these workouts are perfect for you.  There are intense workouts that you can do right in your hotel room.  If you have a little more room to move, there are plenty of workouts that give the full impact of combining strength training with cardio.

Here's an example.  Say you have about a quarter to half mile to run.  Let's say it's a nice, steady hill.  Now count down from 21.

  • 21 pushups
  • 21 ab crunches
  • 20 pushups (just flip over and do them - no rest)
  • 20 ab crunches
  • 19 pushups
  • 19 ab crunches
  • Take a break and run up the hill and back.
  • 18 pushups
  • 18 crunches
  • 17, 16, 15
  • Take another break and run up the hill and back.
  • 14, 13, 12, 11, 10
  • Up the hill and back.
  • 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Up the hill and back.

These 20 minute workouts build lean muscle, build strength, build endurance, and burn fat.  They are intense, but they are also scalable.  Since they are primarily built around bodyweight exercises and cardio exercises, you have maximum flexibility to adjust the intensity to your fitness level.

Targeted, Challenging 20 Minute Workouts - Boot Camp Style


20 Minute Ab Workout

20 Minute Ab Workouts

These are simple (but not easy!) abdominal workouts that will help you finally lose that muffin top and beer gut.


20 Minute Core Workout

20 Minute Core Workout

Improve core strength, posture, balance, back health, and rotational power in just 20 minutes.


20 Minute Cardio Workout

20 Minute Cardio Workouts

Train in high intensity, short bursts with these 20 Minute Cardio Workouts that you can do from home any time you want.

Boot Camp

20 Minute Boot Camp Workout

20 Minute Boot Camp Workout

You will increase your strength, build your endurance, and burn a lot of calories.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Fat Burning

20 Minute Fat Burning Workouts

20 Minute Fat Burning Workouts

Three more free workouts.  Three that you can do right now.  No gym or equipment needed.  All you need is your body and a very little bit of time.


20 Minute Leg Workout

20 Minute Leg Workouts

Tone and strengthen the thighs, butt, hamstrings, calves, and hips.

Upper Body

20 Minute Upper Body Workout

20 Minute Upper Body Workout

Upper body workout Boot Camp style.  You know what that means.  Drop and give me 20!  But of course, there's more to it than that.

Full Body

20 Minute Full Body Workout

20 Minute Full Body Workout

Burn more calories than you thought possible in 20 minutes.  Think 20 minutes isn't enough time to get in a good workout?  Try these and you might change your mind.

Those 20 minute workouts and all of the exercises in them are great for building strength, toning, and burning calories.  To gain the maximum benefit from your workouts, make sure your diet is in tune with your workout routine.

For more information on how to coordinate your body weight workouts and your diet for maximum fat loss, take a look at the Bodyweight Burn program.  It's one of the best programs available for burning fat and building lean muscle.  I highly recommend it!

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